Marylane Drainage Feasibility Study

In October 2016, the Brown's Creek Watershed District and City of Stillwater have agreed to collaboratively evaluate the options to improve the drainage system that flows from the area south of McKusick Road (Rutherford Station development) to the area east of Marylane Avenue (Brown's Creek Preserve and Settler's Glen 9th Addition).

In fall 2016, residents living adjacent to a drainage easement have notified BCWD and the City of Stillwater that the dewatering activity at Rutherford Station that flows through the drainage area is flooding their yards and leaving behind sediment. Site visits of the area confirm that the existing drainage path from Rutherford Station is through an existing City drainage and utility easement with dense woodland, lacking groundcover and instead is bare soil prone to erosion. Until improvements are made to the drainage easement, a temporary pipe was utilized fall 2016 to carry the dewatering drainage down to the City stormwater pond in Settler's Glen 9th Addition.   Although 2016 was one of the wettest years in recorded history, both BCWD and City staff are concerned about long-term issues including capacity to handle spring snowmelt and future erosion and drainage issues as additional land is developed, which will flow through this drainage area.

A feasibility study began in late fall 2016 to survey the area and develop potential options.  The scope for this study is available below.  This website will be updated with the findings of that study when available (estimate draft feasibility study May 2017). The property owners adjacent to the drainage easement will be sent notification at least one week prior to the presentation of the findings at a public meeting.

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