Land Conservation Program


A land conservation program allows critical parts of the landscape to be set aside for the protection and restoration of our water resources.


  • Conservation of natural, undeveloped lands and restoration of natural resources values and hydrology on previously developed lands riparian to Brown’s Creek;
  • Conservation and restoration of lands tributary to ground-water dependent natural resources;
  • Creation of new and expanded natural-resources education and/or research opportunities;
  • Interconnectivity of habitat and natural resources corridors;
  • Conservation and enhancement of vegetative diversity and habitat connectivity in the watershed; and
  • Opportunity for BCWD to leverage its resources and capacities through partnership.

Brown's Creek Conservation Area

In collaboration with Washington County’s Land and Water Legacy program, BCWD has identified an undeveloped 13-acre parcel in the city of Grant (county Property Identification Number 12-030-21-21-0005) that contains 1,300 feet of Brown’s Creek and 2.4 acres of wetland, and is within BCWD’s high-priority land conservation area.

The property was purchased in January 2017.  BCWD gathered public input on how this area should be managed in April 2017 and discussed the results at several BCWD public Board meetings in the summer of 2017. Following the general direction from those who chose to be involved, the Board has named the property "Brown's Creek Conservation Area," which will be actively managed for protection and restoration of the natural resources and allow infrequent passive recreation.  No trails or facilities will be maintained.

We successfully partnered with Great River Greening for a 5 year grant for restoration work beginning July 1st 2018 and ending June 23, 2023. This grant will allow for $52,000 worth of prairie, wetland, and woodland restoration.

We began this work by conducting a survey of the property and will be installing property signs this year. See the links below for the property survey, probable sign location, and an image of the actual sign content. Contact us with any questions about this activity!

Restoration work has begun! This winter the work will primarily involve removal of buckthorn and thinning of cedars. Hand crews are on site working with chainsaws in December. In January, buckthorn removal with a forestry mower will begin. Burn piles will occur according to the DNR permit’s specifications. The contractor doing the restoration work is Prairie Restorations, Inc.

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