What is a Watershed District?

To manage water on a hydrologic boundaries, the state of Minnesota created the Watershed Act in 1955 to create watershed districts.  The purposes of watershed districts are to conserve the natural resources of the state by land use planning, flood control, and conservation projects by using sound scientific principles for the protection of the public health and welfare and the provident use of the natural resources.

Define a Watershed:
A watershed is an area of land that captures water in any form, such as rain, snow, or dew, and drains it to a particular stream, river, or lake. All land is part of the watershed for some creek, stream, river or lake.

BCWD watershed facts:

  • Watershed size:  28 square miles, approximately 18,000 acres
  • 43% of the watershed is landlocked
  • 28% of the watershed contributes to Brown's Creek
  • 29% of the watershed is diverted to McKusick Lake

Am I in the Brown's Creek Watershed District?

Click here to visit the Washington County Property Viewer

Type your address in the search box at the top left.  When your property pops up, in the little box with your property information, scroll down until you find Watershed District.

Or click the map below for a printable .pdf version.

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