MN Watersheds Awards – Final Scoring

We have 3 Programs and 3 Projects to rank for the final award.

Please score both the Program and Project of the Year applications using this form: 2023 MN WD Awards - Finalists Score Card

The Awards Committee will consider the following elements when selecting the award finalist:

  • Clearly defined need (5%): A clearly defined Statement of Need is provided along with supporting information that indicates the project or program is fulfilling some type of water resource monitoring, protection, enhancement, or community engagement need within the watershed.
  • Creative partnerships (15%): Information is provided indicating the role and benefits of both public-public or public-private partnerships in developing and implementing the stated project or program, with emphasis on new and/or unique partners who wouldn’t normally be involved.
  • Innovative financing (20%): A description of how project or program financial stability was achieved.
  • Resourceful solutions (20%): Information is provided on the use of innovative or cutting-edge solutions in the areas of planning, design, and implementation of project and programs to reach watershed management and protection goals.
  • Success at meeting project or program goal (30%): A description of both short and long-term outputs and outcomes is provided that address the original goal of the project or program.
  • Public value (10%): Information is provided indicating how the project or program benefits society and the common good.

Your comments make the awards presentation much more interesting and are appreciated (record on spreadsheet below the ranking)!

You may not rank your own District’s Programs or Projects.  Please send this form back to me ( by November 12th.


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