Lakes and Streams Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring Locations

Brown’s Creek is monitored at Highway 15, McKusick Road, Stonebridge and the Creek Outlet.

BCWD monitors Masterman Lake, Bass Lake East, Bass Lake West, Lynch Lake North, Lynch Lake South, Jackson WMA Pond, July Avenue Wetland, Woodpile Lake, Pat Lake, Goggins Lake, Kismet Basin, Long Lake, South School Section Lake, Benz Lake and Plaisted Lake.

Sediment and Nutrient Loading from Brown's Creek to the St. Croix River - Meeting Goals in 2021

The total phosphorus load from Brown’s Creek to the St Croix River in 2021 was 1,566 pounds (goal not to exceed 1,804 lbs/year), and the total suspended solids load was 69.47 pounds per acre of watershed land (goal not to exceed 74 lbs/year ), as determined by the Brown’s Creek Outlet station results.
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