McKusick Lake Diversion Drainage

The City of Stillwater, Middle St. Croix Watershed Management Organization and Brown's Creek Watershed District are working together to develop a management plan for McKusick Lake. The City of Stillwater is taking the lead and has contracted with Wenck and Associates to begin the McKusick, Lily, and Long Lake Management Plan. This plan will integrate the existing Long Lake Management Plan developed by Brown's Creek Watershed District. The BCWD is planning to contribute $25,000 towards the development of the management plan for McKusick Lake and the subwatersheds between Long Lake and McKusick Lake. A first draft of the plan is proposed for Fall 2007. Technical and Citizen Advisory Committees will be invited to review the draft prior to adoption.

In collaboration with the University of Minnesota St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, City of Stillwater and MN DNR Waters and Fisheries, an iron-enhanced sand filter was designed to remove approximately 118 pounds of total phosphorous per year from an area of Stillwater that drains to McKusick Lake and ultimately to the St. Croix River.

Iron Enhanced Sand Filter Project 2013
Iron Enhanced Sand Filter Project 2013
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