CWF 2013 – Neal Ave Neighborhood Stormwater Retrofit


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CWF 2013 - Neal Ave Neighborhood Stormwater Retrofit

Brown's Creek Watershed District (BCWD) has identified this project as a part of the Brown's Creek TMDL Implementation. The identified untreated residential development in Stillwater directly contributes stormwater to Brown's Creek, a DNR designated trout stream currently impaired for turbidity and lack of cold water assemblage. The main stressors for Brown's Creek are total suspended solids and thermal loading.

How does the project help Brown's Creek?

By working with seven residential landowners in the neighborhood, BCWD installed 9 street-side raingardens to infiltrate 3.86 acre-feet of warm stormwater and to remove 1.3 ton of the total suspended solids and 6.6 pounds of total phosphorous per year from Brown’s Creek. The project was completed in 2015.0

Project Cost

The project cost $91,376.89, including design and construction

Leveraged Clean Water Fund Grants = $45,000 (49%)
Local BCWD tax levy = $46,376.890

Construction photos


Skogen, 90 percent.


Wilson, 90 percent.


Pearson, 90 percent.

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