CWF 2015 – Brown’s Creek Trails Park Retrofit


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CWF 2015 Brown's Creek Trails Park Retrofit

Brown's Creek Watershed District (District) was awarded a 2015 Clean Water Fund Grant in the amount of $204,350 to address thermal and sediment loading to Brown’s Creek. City of Stillwater staff have worked with the District to identify an opportunity in the Neal Avenue subwatershed by retrofitting the Brown’s Creek Trails Park parking lot to treat 1.6 acres of runoff from the parking lot and Neal Ave (between McKusick Road and the Brown’s Creek State Trail) with a bioswale, an underground storm water pre-treatment facility, and an underground rock crib (the Project) on City Park property. The project was installed in 2016 and completed in 2017.

How does the project help Brown's Creek?

A “rock crib” is a type of subsurface filtration trench that are specifically implemented to

reduce the temperature of stormwater that is passed through them by conductively transferring a portion of the thermal load to the rocks. These devices are typically filled with washed river rock of a specified size class and are buried to maintain contact with cooler soils several feet below the ground surface and wrapped in geotextile fabric and liner to prevent exfiltration into the surrounding soil.

Project Cost

Total = $276,000 (74% state grant funding & 26% local levy)

  • Engineering Design, City Agreements, Permitting, Contracting, & Construction Oversight = $61,000 (22%)
  • Construction = $213,500 (77%)
  • Grant and Project Administration = $1,500 (1%)

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Construction photos

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