CWF 2019 – Oak Glen Golf Course Reuse


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BCWD was awarded a 2017 Clean Water Fund Grant in the amount of $360,100 to partner with Wilson Golf Group/Oak Glen Golf Course to divert nutrient-rich, warm water from the McKusick Road wetland outlet to the Oak Glen Golf Course irrigation system. This water would have flowed directly into Brown's Creek, but instead is being utilized on the golf course. The project was completed November 2021.

What did we construct?

Connection between McKusick wetland and the Oak Glen Golf Course irrigation pond
Installed a pump and floats in the wetland and irrigation pond to control how much water is sent from the wetland to the irrigation pond. This prevents the wetland from being drained or from sending too much water to the irrigation pond, which would overflow to Brown's Creek.

How does the project help Brown's Creek?

Brown's Creek was improved by reducing temperatures by 0.4 degrees Celsius. This may not seem like a lot, but this portion of the trout stream is near enough to being able to sustain cold-water trout that this small reduction in temperature is the difference to trout dying or surviving. Brown's Creek was also improved by reducing total phosphorous by 78 pounds per year. Since Brown's Creek flows directly into the St. Croix River, this was also a reduction of 78 pounds per year of total phosphorous to the St. Croix!

Project cost:  $503,000 total

Paid by the following:
$360,000 2019 Clean Water Fund Grant
$144,000 BCWD local levy

Pre-project video

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